Dr. F.B. Safe is the President of FDC International and a part of Executive Management. He has a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering and is the founder chairman of FDC International FZCO.

An engineer by qualification having strong professional career in the United States with Fortune 500 companies.

Mrs. Marissa Safe is the Vice President of FDC International and a part of Executive Management.

An engineer by qualification, upon embarking on her professional career in the United States with companies such as LG and Everex Computers, Mrs. Safe found that she actually enjoyed the idea of selling technology more than the
idea of solution design or engineering. Upon returning to the Middle East, she set up FDC International that focused on reselling Computer Products.

18 years later, FDC International has grown to be one of the largest IT distributors in the region. Today, the company boasts of an impressive portfolio of vendors such as Acer, Array networks, Asus, Lenovo, Overland, Seagate, WD and ZTE among many others and has maintained its leadership in the components & system space while simultaneously venturing into other areas like enterprise, software, security, peripherals and cloud storage.

Mr. Farbod Safe is a member of the board of directors, a former member of the executive team, and the former Vice President of Operations at FDC International. He had a pivotal role in setting and leading the strategic direction at FDC International for over a decade. With his extensive background in software engineering, he led the team responsible for overhauling and transforming the entire company’s infrastructure systems. Farbod holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Prior to joining FDC he worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, United States.