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1. Where is Synology’s headquarters?


2. How can users access Synology’s operating system, DiskStation Manager?


3. What are the advantages of Synology Surveillance Station over ordinary NVRs and CCTV servers?


4. Select the primary features of Synology’s Operating System, DiskStation Manager.


5. Understanding Synology’s naming convention, what are the specifications of RS2418RP+?


6. Synology Storage for Virtualization (iSCSI) is certified with which VM solutions?


7. Which Synology App offers private cloud storage solutions?


8. What are the backup features of Synology?


9. What are the advantages of NAS boxes compared to SANs?


10. What are the advantages of NAS over Cloud-based solutions?


11. What features does Synology QuickConnect offer?


12. Which Synology product series is designed for performance-intensive and virtualized environments?


13. What is feature of SANs that NAS boxes doesn’t have?


14. Which feature allows Synology to backup other Synology boxes, Cloud accounts and External USB Drive?


15. Synology Technical Support can be reached using which options?


16. What are the features of Synology High-Availability (SHA)?


17. What is the main advantage of using Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) over traditional RAID configurations?