FDC recently organized a launch event for its vendor Synology, a fast-growing Taiwanese-based vendor of network attached storage (NAS) appliances, which was attended by over 100 channel partners. At the event, Synology unveiled the new version of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.1, the operating systems that every Synology NAS runs on and two new DiskStation models, the DS415+ and DS115j.

DSM 5.1 simplifies Media content sharing, greatly enhances video streaming experience and boots productivity in the office. By bringing a host of security mechanisms, DSM 5.1 offers home and Business users a secure private cloud that goes beyond storage and facilitates file sharing.

“As cloud technologies and mobile devices gain further popularity, users find it more and more difficult to access their data across devices of all kinds and centrally store their data in one safe place,” said Derek Tu, Synology’s Sales Manager. “To further address these challenges, Synology has introduced DSM 5.1 and new models to offer users simpler ways to access data on multiple devices, enjoy content regardless of boundaries and build themselves a safer private cloud.”

DSM 5.1 also introduces Security Tool Advisor which can analyse system settings, automatically removing known threats or warning users of potential vulnerabilities. The new AppArmor imposes stricter permission rules on applications, restricting what system resources can be accessed by individual applications.

The DS115j is a compact energy-saving and quiet 1-bay NAS server. It delivers read speeds at 103 MB/sec in a Windows environment which is a 28% increase from its predecessor. It also serves as a full-featured network video recorder to leverage Synology Surveillance Station.

The DS415+ is powered by Intel Atom 2.4 GHz quad-core CPU and 2 GB RAM, and runs on DSM 5.1.  It provides a complete suite of reliability mechanism, virtualization support and feature rich applications, making it an ideal solution for small and medium-sizes Businesses to store their data and run business applications.

Alan Pourmirza, Marketing & Infrastructure Manager at FDC International said, “There is a growing interest for Synology’s innovative NAS solutions. The large turnout at the event was a vindication of our efforts of promoting Synology’s solutions to more members of the channel.”

The event was also attended by WD and Seagate’s representatives, who are collaborating with Synology to provide NAS solutions to FDC’s channel. FDC provides its partners with a chassis and drives, offering them a one-stop shop for their NAS solution. The solutions are backed by premium after sales service